Fox Integrated Health - McKayla McDonough - Case Manager

Case Manager

McKayla McDonough

McKayla McDonough was born and raised in small town South Dakota where her parents taught her the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. She graduated with a BA in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado, and soon after, moved to NYC where she began her professional theatre career.

In 2012, while on the road with a Broadway National tour, McKayla suffered a cervical disc injury during a performance. After she was sent home for MRI’s and treatment, she was concerned she’d never dance again. It was then that she found chiropractic. McKayla found hope in this holistic type of practice and soon understood the healing powers of the human body.

Because of chiropractic care, she is still dancing professionally and is thankful to now be working for a team that ‘keeps her on her toes.’ When she’s not in the office, you can find McKayla at the gym, enjoying the outdoors with her husband Seamus, or on stage at BDT Stage in Boulder!