Who to See for Back Pain After a Car Accident

The injuries sustained in a car accident can range from minor and easy to treat to severe or even life-threatening if they are not addressed properly. Because these injuries are not a part of your everyday preventative health, you may be unsure of exactly where to go if you have suffered from injuries in a car accident. When seeking a car accident clinic, it is important to understand the types of treatment you may need and who the best provider is to give you that care.

Seeking Care in an Emergency

Often, first responders will be deployed to the scene of your accident to do an initial evaluation of you and any other parties involved in the crash. They may tend to any obvious or severe injuries right then and there, or they may recommend you be transported to the hospital via ambulance. Even if you feel okay at the moment, know that car accident victims are prone to shock, and you should take the advice of medical professionals in that moment.

If there are not first responders onsite, you should keep an eye out for symptoms that may indicate you need to call 911. These can include shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, weakness, dizziness, profuse bleeding, or severe back pain. It is always better to be cautious after a car accident as many injuries don’t reach their full impact until hours or days after the event!

Primary Care Physicians

While you may have a primary care physician who you trust, they are typically not the best place to go when you experience back pain after a car accident. They will not specialize in treating accident-related injuries and may struggle to properly diagnose any conditions you are presenting with. Most often, a PCP will refer you to other specialists, adding time and possible red tape to getting the treatment you need.

Types of Doctors for Back Pain

Depending on the cause and severity of your injury, the type of care you need may vary. In some cases, you may even need multiple specialists to combine their skillsets in order to reach a full recovery. A car accident clinic will often have various doctors in their practice to provide this holistic approach to your care. Below are some of the most common practitioners you will see and what they specialize in. Whether it be neuropathy treatment or the common neck pain after a car accident, though others may be brought in for special cases.


An orthopedic doctor or surgeon is trained in healing the musculoskeletal system. As a board-certified physician, an orthopedist can address any issues you have with the neck, spine, discs, or back as a result of a car accident.


The spine controls your central nervous system, meaning that back injuries are implicitly connected to nerve issues. A neurologist or neurosurgeon can treat and repair injuries relating to the brain, spine, as well as the peripheral nervous system. In addition to back pain, neurologists can also be helpful if you experience symptoms of brain injury following a car accident.


The main focus of a chiropractor is maintaining the alignment of the spine. For this reason, they are often able to provide immediate relief for some back pain, as well as long-term relief for severe injuries. Using periodic adjustments, they can return the spine to alignment after an impact like a car accident and help prevent further injuries in the future.

These doctors will likely rely on other specialists in their diagnosis and treatment of your back pain. Radiologists can help read the results of diagnostic testing, while physical therapists can build exercise routines that allow you to regain strength. In some cases, pain management specialists are also needed throughout the course of treatment.

The Key to Treating Back Pain

Finding the right professionals to assist you is one of the most important steps you can take for physical recovery. By finding a car accident clinic, you will be able to benefit from a multitude of specialties that work together to create personalized plans designed around your body’s needs.

Because injuries are not always known immediately, seeking care proactively is also important after an accident. Back injuries can worsen before you begin to even feel the pain they will cause, so the earlier you visit a car accident clinic, the more likely you are to make a full recovery as a result of your treatment.