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Ergonomic Consultations

At Fox Integrated Healthcare, our goal is to improve your overall health and well-being through the application of integrated health services that encourage optimal musculoskeletal and systemic functioning. Because most individuals spend substantial time within a workplace setting, having a safe, functionally designed workspace is essential for long-term health.

As part of our integrative approach to chiropractic care, we provide in-depth ergonomic consultations, which function to improve workspace design and employees’ interaction with their work environment. The overarching aim of our ergonomic consultations is to facilitate long-term musculoskeletal health and injury prevention.

How Can Your Workplace Benefit from an Ergonomic Consultation?

Ergonomic consultations offer a variety of benefits to both employers and staff, including:

  • Healthcare cost savings
  • Improved comfort and workspace usability
  • Increased employee morale
  • Heightened workplace safety
  • Reduced number of sick days
  • Increased employee engagement and productivity

Health Benefits of Ergonomic Consultations

An ergonomic consultation provides your organization or facility with a variety of health-promoting benefits, including:

Employee Stamina and Mood Improvements
Excessive time spent sitting, when combined with inappropriate body positioning, can have a negative effect on employees’ energy levels and overall stamina while working. Research has verified that ergonomic desks and workstations help employees feel less physical stress throughout the workday, which directly translates to increased productivity and improved employee morale.

Employee Heart Health Improvement
Though many workplaces require employees to sit for long durations, excessive sitting correlates directly with cardiovascular decline and higher morbidity risk. An ergonomic consultation can help your workplace implement effective solutions to reduce time spent sitting and improve employees’ long-term health.

Improved Workspace Design and Comfort
An ergonomic consultation helps your organization recognize and eliminate risk factors for poor posture, physical decline and workplace injuries. When you remove these risk factors and implement effective solutions to improve employees’ interaction with their workspace, you’ll increase on-the-job comfort, facilitate safe task completion and, indirectly, decrease your organization’s overall healthcare spending.

What to Expect from Ergonomic Consultations

At Fox Integrated Healthcare, our chiropractors — Dr. Derek Fox, or Dr. Audrey Kenyon-Fox  — are dedicated to educating patients on the link between their environmental design, daily living habits and overall health. If you’re an employer, an ergonomic consultation will help you implement appropriate, healthy workplace design to reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries and employee physical decline.

During your ergonomic consultation, we’ll discuss your business’s needs and day-to-day operations and how they contribute to the overall workplace setting and design. We’ll also analyze your current workplace setting to locate problem areas and help us determine possible solutions. After gathering all the necessary information, we’ll deliver a report of our findings, along with the solutions we believe will promote the safest, healthiest work environment for both you and your staff.

Ergonomic Consultations: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! Most workplace safety programs focus on preventing various acute workplace injuries, such as falls, chemical exposures and lacerations, among others. Very few safety programs address the long-term musculoskeletal issues that can develop as a result of repetitive motions, excessive sitting, unnecessary physical exertion and poor posture. An ergonomic consultation helps you identify current and potential risk factors for long-term employee health issues and implement the necessary changes to minimize those risks.

Employee feedback is an essential component of an ergonomic consultation because it allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of the daily work environment and how staff members function within it. By speaking with employees and gathering objective data, we’re able to arrive at the most effective solutions for improving your workplace ergonomics.

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