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Disc Herniations

At Fox Integrated Healthcare our board certified chiropractors and medical team are experienced in treating disc herniations, disc bulges, discogenic pain and other mechanical pathologies of the intervertebral disc. 40% of chronic spine pain is related to a problem occurring in the intervertebral disc. Therefore it is important to develop a specific treatment plan to aid the recovery of the damaged disc. Herniated discs and degenerative disc disease diagnoses are commonplace. Long term results following conservative treatment are similar to results following spinal surgery. At Fox Integrated Healthcare we value a non-surgical approach to heal the damaged intervertebral disc.

Health Benefits of Disc Herniation Conservative Treatment

Contrary to a surgical approach to disc herniation treatment, our providers aim to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life through non-invasive rehabilitative medicine. Our clinic, Fox Integrated Healthcare, LLC utilizes chiropractic adjustments, photobiomobulation- class IV laser therapy, computerized spinal decompression and evidence-based rehabilitative medicine to maximize the natural healing process of the human body.

With the collaborative approach amongst our providers and multiple therapies, you can avoid the possible complications of spinal surgery including infection, nerve damage, bleeding, blood clots, dural tear and leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.

What to Expect from Disc Herniation Conservative Treatment

Prior to treatment, you can expect a comprehensive orthopedic examination including a mechanical assessment of the spine, highly specific and sensitive orthopedic testing and possible further diagnostic imaging that will be determined by the provider’s discretion. Assuming the absence in medical red flags including progressive neurological deficits, saddle paresthesia or loss of bowel function, treatment can proceed. Mobilization of dysfunctional joints with a chiropractic adjustment will help improve pain-free spinal range of motion. Therapeutic class IV laser therapy can be provided to excelerate cellular healing, decrease pain and inflammation. The use of computerized spinal decompression will hydrate the disc, pumping nutrients into the intervertebral disc and relieve pressure on the nerve root.

Disc Herniation: Frequently Asked Questions

A MRI is not necessary unless neurological symptoms progress. If the patient is not exhibiting a loss in muscle strength, bowel dysfunction or absence in deep tendon reflexes, a 6 week non-invasive treatment approach is standard care.

Fox Integrated Healthcare rarely experiences progressive pain and loss of functional abilities with our disc herniation patients. We work closely with medical providers and imaging centers and will refer our patients to the appropriate facility if symptoms progress following the 6 week treatment period.

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