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Strengthening Programs

In many cases, muscular imbalance and weakness contribute heavily to neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Because your muscles, tendons and ligaments play primary roles in overall physical functioning, they must be healthy, strong and conditioned to support overall well-being. Strong, healthy muscle tissue also provides better support and stabilization for your spine and peripheral joints, which is critical for mobility, especially after injuries or trauma. At Fox Integrated Healthcare, we offer strengthening programs designed to improve muscular balance, soft tissue function, range of motion and overall physical performance.

Conditions That Can Benefit from Strengthening Programs

Strengthening programs can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, some of which include:

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Health Benefits of Strengthening Programs

At Fox Integrated Healthcare, our strengthening programs function to enhance the beneficial effects of chiropractic care and integrative therapies by offering a variety of significant benefits:

Mobility Improvement
Strong, conditioned muscles are more capable of supporting a wide range of movements. As you gradually increase your strength, you’ll find that your range of motion and overall mobility improve significantly.

Improved Joint Support and Bone Health
Your muscles provide support and stability for both your spine and peripheral joints, so the stronger your muscles are, the less likely you are to experience joint injuries and dysfunction. As well, any form of resistance training places a healthy level of stress on your skeletal system, which encourages your bones to grow denser and stronger. Consistently practicing muscle-strengthening exercises reduces your risk of bone deterioration as you age.

Improved Balance and Flexibility
The stronger your muscles grow, the better your overall balance and flexibility become. As you increase your ability to maintain balance and improve the motility of your muscle tissue, your risk of falls and injuries decreases substantially.

What to Expect With Strengthening Programs

At Fox Integrated Healthcare, we begin each patient’s healing journey with a brief consultation to discuss your current health concerns and goals of integrative treatment. We then proceed with a full physical evaluation and health history, during which we’ll perform a series of advanced diagnostic techniques to locate the source of your symptoms and define the treatments that will serve you best.

After gathering all relevant information, Dr. Derek Fox or Dr. Audrey Kenyon-Fox will explain your evaluation results in detail and recommend an individualized plan of treatment designed to restore healthy musculoskeletal functioning and overall well-being. As part of our integrated health services, we frequently include strengthening programs in our holistic care approach, in combination with various chiropractic and integrative therapies.

Whether you’re suffering from injuries, chronic pain, limited range of motion, poor posture, joint dysfunction or poor mobility, a strengthening program will help improve your body’s ability to function normally. Depending on your current condition, your program will focus on the specific muscle groups involved and will gradually progress over time.

Strengthening Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, when muscles are exposed to new stimuli, they react with a small amount of inflammation, either immediately after a session or within one to two days. This naturally occurring phenomenon is called delayed onset muscle soreness and it is perfectly normal and expected.
When you practice resistance training, you create microscopic tears in your muscle tissue, which your body then heals over a period of several days. When repeated consistently, this process is what strengthens your muscles and increases their size and tone. As your body adapts to the program, post-exercise soreness will become less pronounced.

Yes, absolutely! Your muscles require adequate rest, hydration and nutrients to heal and grow stronger over time. Be sure to get sufficient sleep, drink plenty of water and fuel your body with healthy, nutrient foods and adequate protein to experience the best results. If you have any questions about dietary recommendations, you can always feel free to discuss them with our team.

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