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Kinesio Taping®

Kinesio Taping® is a rehabilitative technique designed to support and stabilize the body’s joints and muscles without limiting normal range of motion. Kinesio Taping® facilitates the body’s natural healing processes by providing prolonged, gentle soft tissue manipulation that functions to extend the tissue-healing effects of various in-office therapies.

At Fox Integrated Healthcare, we administer Kinesio Taping® to encourage healthy musculoskeletal functioning, as well as healing and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries and dysfunction. As part of our integrative health services, we often apply this technique in conjunction with other therapeutic treatments to extend the benefits of your office visit.

Conditions That Can Benefit from Kinesio Taping®

Kinesio Taping® isn’t just a rehabilitative technique; the treatment can also be used to enhance physical performance and to help prevent activity-related injuries. That said, many forms of musculoskeletal dysfunction and soft tissue abnormalities can benefit from Kinesio Taping®, including:

  • Soft tissue trauma
  • Strains and sprains
  • Subluxations
  • Tendonitis
  • Joint pain and dysfunction
  • Tissue inflammation
  • IT band issues
  • Muscular pain and post-activity soreness

Health Benefits of Kinesio Taping®

If you struggle with musculoskeletal discomfort or dysfunction, Kinesio Taping® offers a wide variety of proven health benefits, some of which include:

Increased Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage
Kinesio Tape® gently draws your skin upward, creating additional space between the deepest layer of your skin and the internal tissues we’re treating. This extra space relieves pressure on encourages increased lymphatic flow and blood circulation within the treatment area. Lymphatic draining decreases tissue swelling while increasing blood flow supplies to your tissues with the nutrients and oxygen they require for optimal healing and functioning.

Expedited Tissue Healing & Pain Relief
Because Kinesio Tape® promotes additional blood flow to injured and dysfunctional tissues, it speeds healing time considerably. This technique also elicits substantial pain relief because it helps reduce swelling while supporting and stabilizing the affected tissues and joints.

Tissue Rehabilitation
Kinesio Tape® helps maintain proper alignment of your joints and soft tissues by providing stabilization and support in the treatment area. Essentially, it helps re-train dysfunctional tissues and joints to perform in a normal, healthy manner.

What to Expect With Kinesio Taping®

When you trust Fox Integrated Healthcare with your integrative chiropractic care, we’ll begin by conducting a brief, initial consultation. During your consultation, you’ll discuss your health concerns and goals of treatment with one of our chiropractic doctors: Dr. Derek Fox or Dr. Audrey Kenyon-Fox.

If you are a candidate for treatment, we’ll then guide you through a comprehensive evaluation, during which we’ll perform a series of diagnostic tests and review your medical history, current restrictions and lifestyle habits. We’ll use the results of your diagnostic testing to formulate a customized treatment protocol designed to restore healthy musculoskeletal function and relieve your discomfort. Depending on your diagnosis, we may recommend Kinesio Taping® as part of your therapy protocol.

During a Kinesio Taping® session, we’ll apply strips of Kinesio Tape® with varying degrees of tension in specific directions and patterns to support your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The thin, elastic tape is designed to gently draw your skin upward while providing support and stability throughout the treatment area. The tape is designed to move freely with your body without restricting any of your normal movements, and it will remain on your skin for approximately three to four days to encourage ongoing tissue healing and healthy functioning.

Kinesio Taping®: Frequently Asked Questions

While it’s possible to apply your own Kinesio® Tape, beneficial results from the treatment depend heavily on the application technique and extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Kinesio Taping® practitioners undergo extensive training in rehabilitative application techniques, including the direction of application, the degree of tension and designing the appropriate taping patterns that produce the most beneficial effects.

Skin irritation is very rare with Kinesio Tape®, but if you have hypersensitive skin, speak with your practitioner prior to engaging in the treatment.

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