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Decompression Therapy

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is a low-force, non-invasive, instrument-assisted procedure for applying traction to the spine. The treatment is designed to gently stretch the spine, creating negative pressure within the vertebral discs.

Negative intradiscal pressure promotes retraction and realignment of abnormally positioned and damaged spinal discs, which relieves pressure on the surrounding spinal nerves and alleviates associated discomfort. Because spinal decompression therapy also relieves excess pressure on spinal discs, it allows them to absorb additional fluids and nutrients that promote a healthy, functional spine.

Conditions That Can Benefit from Decompression Therapy

A variety of disc-related spinal conditions can benefit from a non-surgical spinal decompression therapy program, including:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Facet syndrome
  • Bulging and herniated spinal discs
  • Spinal stenosis and spondylosis
  • Spinal disc degeneration
  • Radiculopathy
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle weakness and atrophy
  • Tingling, numbness and radiating nerve sensations

Health Benefits of Decompression Therapy

If you struggle with disc-related pain, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy offers a variety of health benefits, including:

Spinal Disc Healing
Because non-surgical spinal decompression therapy creates negative pressure within your spinal discs, it gently pulls bulging disc material back into its tough outer shell. When the gelatinous disc material is fully contained within the disc, the protective outer shell of the disc can begin the healing process. When your discs are healthy, you’ll experience greater mobility and better posture.

Pain Relief
When your spinal discs must withstand excessive pressure, those discs compress the surrounding nerves, which often leads to pain, tingling and numbness. Because spinal decompression therapy relieves excessive pressure on your spinal discs, it also reduces pressure on spinal nerves, which allows them to decrease pain signaling and resume normal functioning.

Improved Blood Circulation and Disc Hydration
Your spinal discs require substantial hydration and blood flow, which allow them to absorb life-giving and healing nutrients that help keep your spine in good health. Decompression therapy alleviates pressure on your spinal discs and nerves, which encourages a fresh influx of oxygenated blood, water and nutrients to the discs.

What to Expect With Decompression Therapy

At Fox Integrated Healthcare, we employ multiple therapeutic modalities to provide a comprehensive, integrated health approach to chiropractic treatment. That’s why, when you trust us with your care, the first step in our process is your consultation with one of our highly trained chiropractors: Dr. Derek Fox and Dr. Audrey Kenyon-Fox.

During your consultation, you’ll briefly discuss your unique health concerns and goals of chiropractic therapy. If you’re a candidate for treatment, we’ll proceed with your comprehensive evaluation, during which we’ll perform a series of manual and advanced diagnostic tests to locate spinal abnormalities and damage in need of correction.

After gathering all relevant information, we’ll use the results of your evaluation to formulate your custom treatment plan. Depending on your individual concerns, we may recommend a variety of synergistic treatments, including spinal decompression, to achieve the best possible health outcome.

During your spinal decompression therapy session, you’ll remain clothed while lying comfortably on a motorized decompression table. Depending on the type of traction you’re receiving, we’ll gently secure a harness around either your hips or across your forehead. With the harness in place, we’ll then activate the decompression table, which gently and slowly stretches your spine. Treatments last approximately 30 minutes, and the length of your protocol will depend on your unique condition and your chiropractor’s recommendation.

Decompression Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

As with any therapy, individual results will vary. Many patients who’ve completed a spinal decompression therapy protocol have reported varying levels of pain relief within as little as three to seven treatments, but again, results vary from patient to patient. In clinical studies, non-surgical spinal decompression has demonstrated an 86 percent success rate for patients suffering from disc-related pain.

With any therapy, individual results will vary, but for spinal decompression therapy, contraindications to treatment do exist. Patients who have had or currently have any of the following procedures or conditions are typically not candidates for treatment:

  • Spinal fusion surgery
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Certain types of lumbar compression fractures
  • Spinal infections and meningitis
  • Severe peripheral neuropathy
  • Cauda Equina syndrome
  • Various types of tumors and cancers

Rarer contraindications to spinal decompression therapy also exist, so if you have concerns about treatment, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your chiropractic doctor.

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