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On-Site Digital X-Rays

On-site digital x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool we use at Fox Integrated Healthcare to gain an in-depth understanding of your musculoskeletal system’s current health. Before we can begin your chiropractic care, we first perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation, which allows us to determine the underlying causes behind your symptoms.

By performing digital x-rays during your initial evaluation, we’re able to clearly define which in-office therapies will deliver the most significant results for your unique condition.

Why Do We Perform On-Site Digital X-Rays?

A digital x-ray is a robust diagnostic tool because it allows our team of chiropractors to:

  • Reveal structural abnormalities that palpation and patient observation cannot detect.
  • Magnify and swivel imaging to locate traditionally obscure internal issues.
  • Pinpoint the location of joint subluxations within the body.
  • Formulate a custom treatment plan designed to address the underlying causes of your pain and dysfunction.
  • Instantly share and discuss your imaging results with you.
  • Objectively monitor your body’s response to treatment over time.

Benefits of On-Site Digital X-Rays

On-site digital x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool that allows our chiropractic team to locate the underlying structural causes behind your painful and limiting physical symptoms. Using x-rays as part of your evaluation offers the following benefits:

Reduced Exposure to Radiation
Day-to-day radiation exposure is steadily rising due to the ever-growing use of wireless technology. A digital x-ray is a fantastic alternative to traditional, film-based x-rays because it exposes your body to far less radiation.

In-Office Diagnostics
While patient observation, palpation and manual diagnostic techniques can provide valuable information about your musculoskeletal system, those techniques cannot deliver a comprehensive picture of your body’s internal state. On-site x-rays allow us to arrive at the most comprehensive diagnosis possible, and because we perform them as part of your initial evaluation, you’ll never need to wait on your results.

Immediate Results
Unlike film x-rays, which can take days or weeks to process, on-site digital x-rays deliver immediate diagnostic results, which we can view right in our office. Our technology transfers your imaging directly to one of our in-office computers, where we can help you understand your imaging and explain your results to you in detail.

What to Expect With On-Site Digital X-Rays

At Fox Integrated Healthcare, we employ on-site x-rays during your initial evaluation as part of your comprehensive diagnostic exam. While we also rely on various other diagnostic techniques, such as observation and palpation, x-rays provide a complete picture of your musculoskeletal system and any abnormalities in need of correction. Our chiropractors — Dr. Derek Fox and Dr. Audrey Kenyon-Fox — are highly trained in x-ray diagnostics and will ensure the procedure is as comfortable and brief as possible.

During your digital x-rays, you should feel no discomfort whatsoever — aside from any physical discomfort you’re currently experiencing. After we’ve captured the necessary imaging to complete your diagnosis, we’ll use your x-ray results to formulate your custom treatment plan. We’ll also take the time to review our findings with you and explain the underlying structural causes behind your symptoms.

On-Site X-Rays: Frequently Asked Questions

Digital x-rays are considered exceptionally safe because they emit approximately 70 percent less radiation than film x-rays. If you are pregnant, we’ll employ alternative diagnostic methods for evaluation and monitoring.

If necessary, digital x-ray images can easily be copied to a disc for later viewing. If you would like a copy of your results, simply contact our office with any requests or questions.

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