Car Accident Doctors

At Fox Integrated Health, our specialists are passionate about helping those who have suffered car accident-related injuries. By focusing on how you can get back to normal safely and efficiently, we create treatment plans designed with your goals in mind. Any number of injuries can occur after a car accident, from broken bones to brain injuries to cuts and bruises. Often, the spine suffers as a result of the impact, which can not only lead to pain, but also misalignments in the musculoskeletal system that can cause other health issues. Not only can these injuries span the body, but they also may not be apparent immediately following the accident.

For your health and safety, as well as any open insurance claims, it’s important to seek care as soon as possible following any motor vehicle accident. A car accident doctor’s care gives you the best chance of recovering fully from your injuries. Fox Integrated Health can help determine what injuries you may have sustained and develop a treatment plan based on that information. Whether you are experiencing simple back and neck pain, traumatic injuries to the brain or limbs, or even broken bones, we are able to assess and treat your injuries holistically. In addition to traditional evaluations, chiropractic care, and pain management, Fox Integrated Health also offers a number of innovative technologies and treatments that can benefit those who have experienced car accidents.

Even if you don’t notice any symptoms immediately following your accident, it’s a good idea to seek out care from a car accident doctor. If the impact was strong enough to cause any damage to your car, it’s likely some damage was caused to your body, even if it isn’t obvious yet.

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Depending on the angle and speed of the impact, your seat in the vehicle, and proper use of safety equipment, any part of the body can be vulnerable to car accident injuries. Many people think it is normal to feel general pain and soreness after the impact, but this is a sign that something in your body has been injured and needs attention. When you visit a car accident doctor, they will be able to identify the most common symptoms and injuries to identify your diagnosis quickly.

The most common condition in car accident victims in whiplash, or similar neck injuries. Due to the sharp, back and forth movement of the body, soft tissues around the neck can become strained or even torn, leading to pain and trouble with movement. The same jerking motion can also lead to the brain moving within the skull and suffering from a mild traumatic brain injury, like a concussion. Other blunt force or debris can cause more severe brain injuries as well. In addition to pain and headaches, loss of clarity or consciousness and sleep issues are signs of these common injuries.

The wrists, hands, legs, and other soft tissues are also at risk for a number of injuries as a result of an accident. Some of the most serious injuries involve the spinal cord, including herniated and ruptured discs, which lead to nerve pain and in severe cases can cause paralysis. Other nerve pain, strains, sprains, dislocations, and broken bones are also commonly treated by the team at Fox Integrated Health.

How Car Accident Doctors Provide Care

While the range of possible injuries is broad, a doctor who specializes in treating injuries from car accidents is able to use their expertise to identify and treat injuries quickly and safely. Anyone who visits Fox Integrated Health after an accident will have a thorough consultation about your symptoms, accident, and your goals for treatment. This helps our specialists to determine what types of treatments are best suited to your health concerns and needs and begin the physical evaluation process. This allows our doctors to determine your treatment plan and begin your path to recovery.

For most people, chiropractic care will serve a large role in treating any car accident injuries by addressing spinal misalignments and musculoskeletal injuries. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, you will be recommended a combination of orthopedic techniques specific to your body’s needs. This may include TRT shockwave therapy, decompression therapy, dry needling, laser therapy, or the Graston technique. The combination of treatments used and the duration of that treatment will vary based on your specific circumstances but is always designed to optimize therapies and create a recovery as fast and painless as possible. As your body responds to treatment, your doctor may suggest additions or changes to your routine.

The integrated approach used by our car accident doctors is designed to provide three main benefits: relief from pain, improved mobility, and faster healing time.

  • Relief from Pain: As your spine’s normal function is restored, your nervous system is able to send messages throughout the body effectively, and pain can be relieved significantly. In combination with other therapies, both acute pain and chronic pain can be reduced if not eliminated.
  • Improved Mobility: Whiplash and other injuries can often dramatically reduce your range of motion and general mobility in a short period of time. As your body returns to alignment and health, it becomes easier for your body to move properly, leading to fewer issues with mobility. Relief from pain and tension can also bring range of motion to a place that is improved even compared to your situation before your accident occurred.
  • Faster Healing Time: Our bodies are self-healing in many ways, but trauma like car accidents can impede this ability. When this trauma is addressed, the nervous system resumes proper communication, and the body is able to begin healing itself in addition to any therapies you are undergoing. By both addressing injuries and allowing the body to work correctly, Fox Integrated Health is able to help reduce recovery time.

Why a Car Accident Doctor Is Best for Your Injury

The team at Fox Integrated Health is able to uniquely help victims of car accidents by using an integrated, synergistic approach to patient care. While many people may be tempted to visit a primary care doctor or a specific practitioner, like a chiropractor’s office, it’s the combination of techniques and knowledge that makes a car accident specialist the best option. Not only are specialists able to treat a range of injuries at once, but they are also able to identify common injuries quickly and efficiently.

It is very common for symptoms to be delayed after a car accident, as the adrenaline and shock of the event wears off. A doctor who specializes in car accidents will be able to search for the symptoms and indicators of these injuries through consultations and physical examinations that may allow them to begin treatment earlier, giving you a better success rate for a full recovery. Rather than letting these injuries fester and cause more damage, you can benefit from a range of therapies as soon as an accident occurs.

If you have recently been in a car accident, contact Fox Integrated Health today to begin the process of determining what treatments are best for you. Whether you’re suffering from minor pain, severe trauma, or no symptoms at all, our specialists can diagnose your condition and create a custom, innovative treatment plan that begins your recovery today.