Top 5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor for Post-Accident Headaches

The force of a car accident can be damaging to all parts of the body, and the head is no exception. Headaches may seem innocuous or even normal following an accident- after all, dealing with police reports and insurance would be enough to give anyone a headache. But post-accident headaches can actually indicate more serious issues and should always be seen by a car accident chiropractor. Even if your headache subsides on its own, there are a number of reasons visiting a professional is the best course of action.

1. You May Not Know You Have an Injury

One thing car accident injuries have in common is that they can often remain hidden for some time. You may think you would know if you had suffered from a brain injury or whiplash, but that is not always true. The stress and chaos of the event can cause your body to release adrenaline as a part of an anxiety response, or your body can even go into shock. These effects can last for hours or even days, hiding symptoms of injuries. This means that you may feel completely fine in the days following the collision, even though your body has suffered damage.

A car accident chiropractor knows the dangers of hidden injuries. While they will ask about your symptoms, they will also be able to look for damage that has not yet manifested in symptoms. Even before a post-accident headache forms, visiting an auto accident clinic.

2. Headaches Can Be a Sign of Serious Injuries

Concussions or whiplash symptoms after an accident are common. While these injuries require treatment, they are not typically life-threatening. However, the same headaches that indicate non-emergency injuries can also be signs of much more serious problems.

Fractures to the skull, penetration of the brain from a foreign object, a bruise on the brain, bleeding or swelling in the brain, and a tearing of brain structures are all possibilities after a car accident. These can require treatment that ranges from immediate use of medication to surgery. If you assume a headache can be treated at home, you might miss the signs of these injuries and be at risk for serious illness.

3. They Can Perform Diagnostic Scans

A car accident chiropractor will often be able to diagnose the cause of post-accident headaches by discussing your symptoms and performing physical evaluations. However, they may want to rule out serious injuries or get a better understanding of what has happened. A chiropractor will either have access to these diagnostic scans or have someone in their network who can perform them.

Depending on the type of headache and what they suspect has happened, you may undergo different scans. An x-ray can be used to find skull fractures or spinal injuries that can impact the head, while a more in-depth imaging technique like a CT scan or MRI will likely give them a better picture of the tissues and the brain itself. With these results, car accident chiropractors can better understand your injury and create a treatment plan from there.

4. Chiropractors Help Avoid Long-Term Pain

With any medical condition, early treatment is generally the best course of action. The sooner you find an injury or condition, the sooner you can begin treatment. Not only can this help you find relief for the pain of a headache, but it can prevent future complications. If a headache is the result of whiplash, for example, the soft tissue damage can worsen through use without treatment, causing more headaches. A car accident chiropractor may not be able to immediately solve the root cause of your headache, but they can work towards a full recovery.

5. Your Insurance Will Trust an Expert

When it comes to post-accident headaches and injuries, you will likely include any medical treatment as part of an insurance settlement. These claims require extensive documentation that proves your condition is related to the accident. A car accident chiropractor is usually experienced with working with insurance and provides very thorough documentation, citing the accident in their records. This can save you stress and make your claims process go much more smoothly. In addition to all the health reasons to visit a chiropractor, it is logistically smart as well.