Why You Need Comprehensive and Integrated Care After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be an incredibly stressful experience, and dealing with an injury on top of that can seem overwhelming. That’s why you should seek out treatment at a car accident clinic where doctors specialize in providing car accident victims with the care and attention necessary for the unique types of injuries sustained in a wreck. If you were injured in a car accident, you want to see a doctor who specializes in treating car accident injuries and who provides comprehensive and integrated care for these injuries every day.

Car accident injuries can be tricky because they can come with delayed symptoms. That means you might not realize you are injured right away after a car accident. During the wreck, your body’s adrenaline starts pumping and this helps get you through a traumatic event. However, adrenaline and shock from an auto accident can also keep you from recognizing your injuries right away. While scrapes and bruises are more obvious in the immediate aftermath, it can take hours or even days for pain and discomfort to set in. Visit a car accident clinic doctor who is highly skilled at addressing these delayed symptoms and hidden injuries so you can get the quality care you deserve.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, even what seems like a relatively minor car accident can lead to an injury that requires treatment. A general rule of thumb for auto accidents and injuries is if your car sustained any damage during the wreck then your body likely did too. Aside from scrapes, bumps, and bruises, musculoskeletal injuries are common in auto accidents. This includes whiplash, headaches, neck pain, back pain, muscle strains and sprains, and soft tissue injuries. Each of these conditions sustained in a car accident requires specialized care so that you can experience lasting pain relief and healing.

The force of impact from the wreck can put an enormous amount of pressure on the spine. You can also get shaken up and jostled around in a wreck, which can force your spine out of its healthy alignment. Misalignments in the spine are common after a car accident because of the extreme pressure and jostling to your musculoskeletal system. When you have a misalignment in your spine, it can cause pain and discomfort, as well as disrupt your body’s healthy functioning.

Diagnosing Car Accident Injuries

When you visit a car accident clinic after a wreck, your doctors will want to hear about how your experience impacted you. It will help if you keep track of when you started noticing pain and other symptoms, as well as where the symptoms occurred and if they gradually got worse over time. In order to diagnose a car accident injury, your doctor will want to perform a physical examination to assess your functioning and how the injury may cause you any limitations. In addition, your doctor may want to run diagnostic imaging tests to get a clearer look at how the car accident may have impacted your musculoskeletal system with X-rays or CT scans.

Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

When you visit a car accident clinic at Fox Integrated Healthcare, you will experience a comprehensive and integrated approach to your healing and recovery. Our team of multi-disciplinary doctors will provide you with a treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your injury so you can experience lasting relief. Our doctors also work to support your body’s natural healing abilities through natural and minimally invasive treatment options. Depending on your specific injury and symptoms, your doctor may recommend chiropractic care, massage therapy, decompression therapy, deep tissue laser therapy, and other options. Treatment goals for everyone who visits Fox Integrated Healthcare’s car accident clinic include lasting pain relief, improvement in mobility, and an expedited healing time.

Benefits of Visiting a Car Accident Clinic

At Fox Integrated Healthcare, our team of doctors will meet with you for a consultation and evaluation to determine your unique issues and concerns after a car accident. The diagnostic and treatment process will include a custom care plan with a variety of complementary therapies that will address your whole body and alleviate any pain and discomfort after a car accident. Our doctors will work with you to determine an appropriate treatment time depending on your unique injuries and how your body responds to treatment. Learn more about how you can experience lasting relief from a car accident injury with Fox Integrated Healthcare.