Treatment for Herniated Discs in Broomfield

Have you ever heard of the term slipped disc? Well, the discs don’t actually “slip”. This term actually means that the area is either herniated, ruptured, or bulging. When the annulus fibrosus has developed a crack or it ruptures, a disc bulge occurs. This happens as the inner part of the disc (or, the nucleus pulposus) bulges out.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: The Function of Spinal Discs

Spinal discs cushion the vertebrae in the spine. They absorb shock between these vertebrae. Can you imagine what would happen if you jumped up and down and the support between your vertebrae wasn’t there? The annulus fibrosus is the outer shell; the nucleus pulposus is the inner, cushioned part. These discs have numerous functions that are valuable.

These parts of the spinal discs allow for the shock to be absorbed as well as allowing a little bit of a give and take when you move from side to side. Your spine truly could not function or move without these spinal discs.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: Herniated Discs

A herniated disc occurs when the center bulges out and moves back into the spinal cord. Now, disc bulges and hernias are the most common but there is also another possibility of a disc desiccation occurring. The symptoms that you experience will all depend on where the issue occurs. For example, if you have a herniated disc in the lumbar spine, you may experience back pain, bowel problems, bladder problems, or leg pain, weakness, or numbness.

Herniated and bulging discs can be caused by two things: Disc degeneration or an injury to the spine. Disc degeneration is caused by not enough or too much low back curve. This puts undesired pressure on the disc which in turn causes it to degenerate faster. Injury to the spine could be any sort of trauma or trauma that occurs over time from posture.

Did you know that even a sneeze can cause a herniated disc? If you sneeze and then feel a sudden pain in your back, that pain could turn into leg pain. This could be a herniated disc with the sneeze being the actual cause of the trigger.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: A Chiropractor Can Help You Today

If you suffer from back pain or symptoms caused by a herniated disc, a chiropractor is an excellent source. They will first review your medical history before proceeding with a physical exam.

There are several things that a chiropractor will look for:

  • Are your reflexes still working?
  • Are you experiencing a loss of muscle strength?
  • Do you have a loss of feeling along a nerve?

Along with this, a chiropractor will also check your posture to help diagnose. They will check your entire spine. If you have lower back pain, for example, the chiropractor will also examine your neck. This is because they will want to check the entire function of your spine. Your treatment plan will depend on the type of disc injury that you have experienced.

It is important to note that some cases are not suitable for chiropractic treatments. Your chiropractor will be able to take note of this and you will be directed to medical care. If there is any additional loss of strength or reflexes, this may need to be treated by a spine surgeon.

That being said, most disc injuries are caused by a herniated disc. A chiropractor can offer you options for treatment for the pain caused by a herniated disc. Your chiropractor will be able to lay out a specific plan based on your pain, health, and activity level. Chiropractors will use a gentle technique to help treat your herniated discs.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: Techniques Used for Treatment

Here are a couple chiropractic techniques to help treat herniated discs:

  • Flexion-distraction Technique: This technique is used to stretch your spine. In using this technique, the chiropractor will apply a soft “pumping” to the area where there is pain. This helps to move the disc from the nerve, thus decreasing any inflammation that you may have.
  • Pelvic Blocking Technique: Cushioned wedges will be used for this technique. They are placed underneath each side of your pelvis with gentle exercises. This helps to move your disc from the nerve that it is pressing on.

Chiropractor Broomfield CO: Schedule a Treatment Consultation

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